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Win xp pop up when charging reaches 80%

How can I make a pop up when charging reaches 20% and 80% to preserve battery for win XP? I usually don’t keep track of that and now I have multiple batteries that don’t last past few minutes. Ps I ...
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Run software intended for Windows XP on Windows 10 - Software requires GPIB card

I am trying to run old software that is intended to run on Windows XP on Windows 10 instead. This software requires a General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) card which connects a mechanical machine. The ...
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WINDOWS XP screens go black

I’m having problem on my workstation. Same problem with nearly 10 no’s of work station PC. All PC has motherboard IMBA-8650-R22 OS is Windows XP service pack 3 Problem : While in operation suddenly PC ...
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Why cant windows xp installer, either 32 or 64 but, detect my IDE drives. No SATA

Windows XP installers can't find hard drive to install to. The available drives are both IDE. All answers I've found just ignore this when mentioned in the question, and instead focus on SATA driver ...
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How to download a previous version of Chrome that will run on a PC w/ Win XP Pro SP3.3 OS? [duplicate]

See title - Looking for Chrome Version details and sources for a download, please/? Secondarily, would it be simpler, better, faster to use a MSFT I.E. browser?
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Wifes old XPSP3 Dell LT died

Dell/Toshiba brand 40Gb HDD she's been using for past 15 years good but, it refuses to bootup in any mode on any of the many, older x86-era Dell, HP, IBM, Sony, Gateway or Toshiba LT that I tried. I ...
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Multiple instances for multiple sessions in RDP

I recently created a VMWARE ESXI Server for the sole purpose of splitting the software's I need into their required operating systems, but there's an issue, The software's that need to be run are ...
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need to replace my old Dell Vostro l/top with a S/H one, older software I run will only work on Windows XPSP3 - will the newer I5 processors run XP [closed]

I need to replace my old Dell Vostro l/top with a S/H one, The older software I run will only work on Windows XP-SP3 - will the newer I5 processors run XP
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Win XP HDD's ownership rights were ruined after using "Take Ownership" from another computer [closed]

An old friend of mine recently found an old 80gb HDD and he gave it to me and said he asked if I could copy his old data from it. So I got home, plugged in the drive and started copying from the drive....
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How to disable TCP SACK in Windows XP?

Device 1 Windows XP., I have access to the application code, but it is massive. Device 2 Embedded device. I don’t have access to the code or even to logs from this ...
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I have an error when opening an old video game on Virtual Machine. Error says 'Unable to initialize display. Width: 800, Height: 600, Depth: 32'

I want to play an old game through virtual machine, but when I click 'open', it comes up with an error saying, 'Unable to initialize display. Width: 800, Height: 600, Depth: 32' I'm using Windows XP, ...
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Recovering a Windows XP machine broken by trying to install pcANYWHERE 8.0

I tried installing pcANYWHERE 8.0 on a Windows XP machine, ignoring the compatibility warning dialog, on the assumption that the client would still be usable for connecting to Windows 9x machines and ...
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USB passthrough doesn't work in VirtualBox

I can't get USB passtrough to work in VirtualBox. Help would be appreciated. Host system is Ubuntu 23.04. Guest VM is Windows XP SP3. VirtualBox is version 7.10 ( newest ATM ), extension pack is also ...
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Can Windows XP be run on an SSD as a VMWare guest OS?

I know similar has been asked before, there is a lot of information around pertaining to Windows XP being installed on a SSD. I can understand that Windows XP was not made for SSD, OK it was released ...
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How is Windows XP still vulnerable behind a NAT + firewall?

Everyone knows that Windows XP is highly insecure these days. However, here is an example situation: Windows XP box is connected to a LAN. This means the router's firewall is between the XP box and ...
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