I want to add a 1.5 - 2 TB hard drive to a Linux file and backup server we have in the office.

Will it make a difference if I'm using 5400 RPM vs a 7200 RPM hard drive? I was thinking about getting a Western Digital Green Drive or Samsung Ecogreen or similar.

Note: not always the case, but this server in particular is using a Fast Ethernet 100Mb/s network connection.


Certainly. If you are planning to use this drive as backup only, with occasional access, 5400 rpm shouldn't be a problem.

5400 rpm drives are still used in laptops and external enclosures all the time. I would see if you can get a bigger cache, which will help the speed when you need it.

  • i have two WD Green drives in a enclosure running from my mac over ethernet, works great and i have no complaints for speeds, transfering to/from mac to windows 7. – warrenkopp Mar 18 '10 at 0:55

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